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Sounds like you are getting a local view of Salvador... quite a different experience from the average tourist. Much more meaningful but I hope you are making time to hit the beautiful beaches in Salvador too!


When Brazil had an electric crisis 4/5 years ago due to too little rain (hydroelectric power), electriceity was rationed. That meant you only had hot water for a limited amount of time, you couldn't have a freezer unless you were wiilling to give up something else, all that kind of good stuff. Can you imagine if Bush asked us to do that?!

Kaleigh Cumpston

Hey David!
I am from Maize, KS. I was one of the people who participated in the South Africa confrance. You Hadnt posed ne thing about South Africa yet, but i just thought i would say thanks, and u did a great job! I really want to help out in the aids awareness program. ne wayz...talk to u later hopefully!

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